Datasets and code


We have mapped the open chromatin landscape changes that occur in cells as they develop into neural progenitors with ATAC-seq. Using the directed differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells, we have profiled chromatin accessibility at 24hr intervals across a 5 day period from pluripotent cells to either brain (anterior), hindbrain or spinal cord (posterior) progenitors. We have also profiled in vivo neural progenitors from anterior and posterior levels of the E9.5 neural tube.

Raw data available at ArrayExpress. Accession number: E-MTAB-6337

We have mapped the occupancy of transcription factor SOX2 using ChIP-seq in hindbrain versus spinal cord progenitors differentiated from mouse embryonic stem cells.

Raw data available at ArrayExpress. Accession number: E-MTAB-6348

For further information, see our publication: Metzis et al., 2018; PMID:30343898

Data visualisation

Browse our ATAC-seq data on the UCSC genome browser


Access our analysis scripts at GitHub

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